You know there is something inside you, that's is way bigger than where you are playing right now.
You ready to find it - no matter what it takes,
and live life your way.
There is no perfect life, only your perfect life.
You are a freedom fighter ... a warrior, committed to staying in the battle until the war is won

 "Corrine has been pivotal in my company’s growth and has empowered and pushed me to achieve incredible milestones in my life. Her mission in life aligns directly with my values and I love working with her."

Graeme Davis, Founder of Bruha

" Corrine has been a key advisor to our growing business.  She is an invaluable asset.  I consider her a friend for how she has supported my personal development during a time of significant business growth and transition.

Manny Abraham, CEO Orbcare

It has been a phenomenal experience working with Corrine personally and professionally.  If you are willing to be open, transparent, and vulnerable, then her coaching style is meant for you.  I only wish he and I embarked on this journey sooner."


 Simon Weisz, CEO Greenspace


"She impacted my life in one session."

Armel Beaudry, CEO and founder Trebble

" Corrine is a high energy, passionate and recklessly committed to the people she coaches.  She brings a wealth of experience both through her time in the trenches as an Entrepreneur and as a family and community leader.   

For me, this was key to our time together being effective since there are many coaches out there that are teaching ‘only from books’ and do not bring the rich depth of personal experience that Corrine has. 

It is tough to change your ‘limiting belief system’ and to see how to scale your own company while at the same time improve your quality of life and freedom to spend time ‘filling your soul’ with family, learning opportunities and joy.  I believe with Corrine’s coaching and wholeheartedly being open to seeing new opportunities and both personal and business growth you can achieve incredible results with less effort and more joy in your life.  That is the change I have experienced over the last 4 years. Having a coach like Corrine in your corner to support you, cheer you on, push you and drive you towards results is like having an irreplaceable friend that always has what is best for you as their priority and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table to support you.


Sandra Buffet,  CEO Jordan Engineering

" Brace yourself you are in for a deeply challenging and amazing experience!"

 Yaro Lisitsyn, CTO VXG

" Corrine showed me a different way of approaching leadership, she taught me that vision, not power makes a great leader, she helped me immensely to gain clarity on my goals, set milestones and action them. She held me accountable and honestly took no Bull shit, calling me on excuses and not allowing me to falter, working with Corrine was my best year ever."

Mario Vasilescu, Co-Founder @ Rewordly Inc.

" I found my true purpose and had the courage to finally followed it. Thank you, Corrine"

Elize Shirdel, Founder and CEO, HELM

Corrine Sandler | Copyright 2019