Most people know me as… the person that transformed their life.

It’s taken me 3 decades to understand and accept my true self, it’s awesome. Now I want to pass it on through my coaching and keynotes. I only focus on the future, using the past for lessons learnt.

I have a background in data, analytics, tech and the start-up world. I have helped leaders lead without power.

Most people call me…  when they wake up  without a purpose and there's literally no-one they can safely speak to.

What most people don’t know about me... is that I’ve made millions and lost millions. I’ve said things to billionaires that most people would be terrified to say.


I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and studied in the UK. I have been a dreamer my entire life.

When not transforming lives; I meditate, spin, drink fabulous coffee and parent my four amazing children, including my golden retriever Sky. I now reside in Toronto, Canada. 

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Corrine Sandler | Copyright 2019