I call it deep flame coaching for a reason - the hottest area of a flame is the blue flare. That is where the flame has the most oxygen and complete combustion takes place; massive heat and energy are released. I use this analogy because this is where transformation occurs.


You have to put at risk the success you have become; to create the success you desire.


I only work with Top Performers who are willing to do this.

I engage and play full out.

I coach you, not teach you.

I refuse to buy your story.

I don't accept what you see as ‘impossible’.

I scare you. What scares you masks your secret desire.

I build trust. This underlies everything I do as a powerful coach.

I am vulnerable and authentic. I demand the same.

I create new pathways. Growth only occurs when we cross this barrier.

I create the impossible. By visualizing the impossible, you begin to see it as possible.

I see the invisible.

I push your thinking beyond its very limits.

I challenge the unknown.

I say the things no one else would dare to say.

By referral or invitation ONLY.

Annual commitment.

2 x 60-minute calls bi-monthly.

4 X in-person full-day retreats. 

Unlimited virtual coaching (I use what's app).

Corrine Sandler | Copyright 2019