• I engage and play full out.
  • I coach you, not teach you.
  • I refuse to buy your story.
  • I don't accept what you see as ‘impossible’.
  • I scare you. What scares you, masks your secret desire.
  • I build trust. This underlies everything I do as a powerful coach.
  • I am vulnerable and authentic. I demand the same.
  • I create new pathways. Growth only occurs when we cross this barrier.
  • I create the impossible. By visualizing the impossible, you begin to see it as "I'm possible."
  • I see the invisible.
  • I push your thinking beyond its very limits.
  • I challenge the unknown.
  • I say the things no one else would dare to say.
  • I bring your power to life.
  • We create freedom together.

If you want to speak these words in 12 months,  we need to talk; 


" The freedom I created for myself, is now my greatest success."


" I do things my way – I rebel against the norm,  I live {insert your name} life."

" I put at risk the success I believed I was; to create the success I truly desired"

I only work with top performers who are willing to do this. 
By referral or invitation ONLY.
I only work with 8 freedom fighters per year.
Inquire below or request a freedom call

Corrine Sandler | Copyright 2019