a Trusted advisor to the 1%

© 2017 by  Corrine Sandler


a trusted advisor to the 1%.

I have never met a billionaire, or for that matter a millionaire who does not have at least one person refer to them as an “asshole."


When a high-level leader is facing a high-stakes situation or a massive challenge and there's no literally one they can safely speak to, they call me...

When a top performer is called "uncoachable", their company calls me...

When one of the top leaders at Fortune 500 company is secretly called a "hard ass" by everyone around them but they don't want to let them go because their performance is so high, they call me...

I coach the uncoachable. 

I help high performing "assholes" get back to just being high performers. 

And I'm a trusted advisor to senior leaders.

If this is you, we should have a conversation. Because I understand you.

I work by invitation and referral only.  I take no more than 6 to 8 clients a year. 


  Appropriate inquiries only.